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a hole

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this may the 3rd or 4th time im writing it, but bloody hell how i enjoy the quick home deliveries in London. Turkish online shops also usually offered fairly fast and free delivery - but its easy in a country with cheap labour. the online market was otherwise not as developed as here though, and so we did much less shopping like that. and to be fair, the delivery speed and quality of tracking and other options are way better here. there was a cool graffiti area near Waterloo station. i looked at getting tickets to chess world championship games (carlsen vs caruana) but they started from 55£ and i think my threshold is around 40-50£ for any ticket...   anyway, so i am watching the video streams instead, here and there (they are on https://www.chess.com/). 6 draws in a row... seriously? last weekend we visited a city farm on Isle of Dogs. free entry, lots of animals. from horses to exotic birds to sheep to pigs to goats to guinea pigs... wide variety. so many different types of chicken and pigs, too! im trying to watch House of Cards. somehow i guess it's a bit predictable (first episode in). also, started watching Wallander. i'm intrigued but at the same time i find it a bit soppy and emotional, so not sure if i will stick with it. the unrealistic scenarios don't really help. but its hard to find good crime/detective shows to be honest. reminds me of Rizzoli & Isles.  how far ahead of its time was that show?!  much more lighthearted than i'd prefer and whats popular nowdays, but 2 strong female leads, neither of which was typically girly or weak or desperate for men or broken... that's great in its own right. about Wallender though, its weird to have swedish characters in a swedish town speaking british english...  makes you think. i dont mind mixing up things, but it is sad how americans or brits cant stomach good quality tv unless its in english. Channel4 has a special "section" for great foreign drama though, and BBC probably has stuff too - but i believe it is a small minority of people that enjoy them. my saturday. happy to have this empty hole instead of the ball of hell what was before. 2cm deep. gross, sure, but such is life. at least it wasnt cancerous. i had this cyst on my calf that was driving me crazy. started as a tiny bump in january, like a permanent raised mosquito bite, then slowly became a monster. occasionally it got inflamed and sore, but other times it was fine. i got an ultrasound referral but the hospital fucked up and i never got an appointment. then it grew so big and got inflamed so bad i went back to the GP and he was noooot happy. he sent me to emergency ultrasound. which the same hospital and department was trying to fuck up again but i chased them and got it done. ok, ultrasound showed it was a round cyst as expected. great, NOW can we take it off? i got a plastic surgery referral for Dec 13th. but at this point the cyst got badly infected and achy and so i got antibiotics but it was too late, it didn't go down and the cyst burst and blah blah. so i went to the emergency dept and doctor's colleague Adam drained and emptied it. hopefully really well cos it hurt like a motherf*cker and i rather not have it repeated. thing is, if cyst walls are left, the cyst is likely to return. but he seemed to get most of it out. below is a piece of the cyst wall, white, flexible hardened stuff. this year has been horrible health wise. i had my first flu in 15years a month ago and of course the year started with my foot broken and there has been one thing after another. i hope with this cyst removal this phase symbolically finishes. "brands that built britain" puzzle done and getting packed! i stated a new one minutes after.  i got Clarks trainers.  finally decent trainers that dont look horrible.

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