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Kat Von D MakeUp

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So, finally Kat Von D makeup has landed to UK. I was able to buy some pieces from Wales ( Debenhams ) Unfortunatelly they do not ship makeup overseas at all, so here in Finland we STILL are going to buy these makeups from outside the EU. ( Paying high taxes and duties ) My friend recommended Kat Von D makeup for me, some of them I am quite satisfied. Like, lipstick lasts longer than usual. I bought couple of eyebrow pomades, but I can not use them very well because they are clearly intended much ticker eyebrows than mine. 'Shade + Light' face contour palette darkest shades were very dark, but I can use them as eye shadow. I got some black friday deals Kat Von D - 10th Anniversary brush collection were way out of my budget ( 100£ ) so I bouht cheap 15£ set from Primarket, fits just fine for my needs.

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