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Gran Canaria: first taste of the mountains

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Along GC-605 at the height of 1100 m. Gran Canaria has a lot in common with Tenerife where I rode in 2015 . Perfect weather to escape the beginning of the Northern winter. Great scenery and plentiful climbing to do. A lot of other riders too – a bit like in Zwift but here everything is real! Then again, it seems that this place is quite different from the neighboring island. Whereas the Tenerife climbs are more steady, it is more variation here. There I was happy with my compact crankset and 11-28 cassette. Here I'd be a lot happier with a 11-32 in the rear. The video below is about my ride yesterday , making a round trip from Maspalomas clockwise to Ayacata and back. I'll give more detailed recommendations as I get more experience on riding here.

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