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Maleficent Lolita Photoshoot

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I made horns! I'm pretty happy with the result ^^ I am letting my hair grow out from black to my own color, you can see it's a brown with a little bit of red. I'm not sure if i like it or not ^^' Btw, Happy Finnish Independence Day! My blue dress with white background suits well for the occasion :) Outfit: Jsk: Angelic Pretty Blouse: Red Queens Black Legion Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Bat Necklace and coffin ring: Alchemy Gothic The boots goes fine with the cross print I bought this Angelic Prettys Holy Latnern dress for myself as a birthday present.

Avainsanat: grow gothic finnish fine btw brown bought blue black birthday angelic alchemy you shoes result outfit maleficent lolita like jeffrey it independence holy