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TAMK University of Applied Sciences:

The International Week for Research, Development and Innovation - Workshopping and networking “People in the main role!”

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The fourth International Week for Research, Development and Innovation is going on at TAMK Kuntokatu Campus on 9.-12.2.2015 . In total 20 staff members of higher education institutions from Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and UK are participating the week. Here you can see some pictures from the week: The workshops of the week concentrate on three different themes: -    Design of future Services -    Low carbon economy and energy efficiency -    Digitalisation and Industrial Internet The aims of the workshops are to find common topics of interest and turn the new ideas into international project proposals for obtaining project funding. Workshop teams are led by TAMK´s inspiring leaders: Aki Korpela, Kari Kallioharju, Tarja Tittonen, Seija Pajari-Stylman, Petri Pohjola and Juho Jaakkola . The working in the teams is very intensive with people who you haven´t met before, therefore lots of motivation and a strong team spirit is needed to get good results. After the workshops all active participants are rewarded with relaxing sauna evening! It was also our pleasure to serve hospitality and service by our students in the get-together party on Tuesday evening. The guests of International Week for Research, Development and Innovation and a parallel International Week for Engineering got the chance to know each other. The menu was delicious and inspired by Finnish nature and ingredients. Thank you Senior Lecturer Sami Salonen and the third year student team! Here you can find more information of the IWRDI: http://iwrdi.tamk.fi/ Text:Ella Kallio and Ursula Helsky-Lehtola Pictures: Josefiina Kemppinen and Ursula Helsky-Lehtola

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