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TAMK University of Applied Sciences:

Visitors from the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, Romania

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TAMK International Services had a pleasure to welcome two colleagues from Romania on 2nd of February 2015 to visit the TAMK main campus. The reason for this visit was to create links between TAMK and ULBS . The visitors were Mr Silviu Nate and Mr Dacian Popa.  ULBS has 23 000 students and more than 300 partner universities all over the world. During the visit Romanian colleagues met Ms Kirsi Tolvanen, Head of International Services, Mr Riku-Matti Kinnunen, International Coordinator for Engineering, Technology and Natural Resources and Ms Riitta Vihuri, International Coordinator for TAMK School of Business and Services. One interesting detail about Mr Popa needs to be mentioned. He studied at TAMK International Business programme during 2004-2007 and he still has tight links to Tampere and Finland. Visitors’ impressions about TAMK were very positive: “ At Tampere University of Applied Sciences we met a dynamic and open team for promoting academic internationalization. Visit at TAMK was a real pleasure to observe a successful combination between academic vision for preparing future generations by providing practical support and educational infrastructure at the highest level. The relatively similar volume of TAMK’s and ULBS’s ERASMUS+ mobility, study visits, and International Weeks represent excellent prerequisites for future collaboration between our universities. ” From the left: Riitta Vihuri, Dacian Popa, Silviu Nate and Kirsi Tolvanen Text: Kirsi Tolvanen, Silviu Nate and Dacian Popa Photo: Krista Merikoski

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