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Joining the Super Team!

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After two years of working in Online Performance Unit at Sanoma corporation, I'm changing back to consulting side. My new team is literally Super - as I'm joining the beautiful and strong people at Super Analytics . The company is based in Turku but I'm starting a new office in Helsinki. "As a VP of Analytics I'm helping our clients to use the force of data."  The past two years has been good. I have been responsible for web analytics at Nelonen Media . I have worked with great and talented people, both in Nelonen Media and in the Online Performance Unit. Most of my time I worked with online video analytics and the Ruutu brand. It has been interesting to be a part of implementing comScore Digital Analytix and seeing the transformation of traditional TV. And not to forget the cool job of six radio stations are doing. How I started in analytics industry and ended up to Super Analytics? Photo by Piahostikka.com I guess it was pretty much Kalle Heinonen 's fault why I ended up to the analytics industry. Kalle, who is one of the co-founders and CEO of Super Analytics, represented the former Index Tools web analytics system 10 years ago and I was hooked immediately. Last summer, Mr. Heinonen was talking with couple of people that I didn't know in a Google Partners event. As a joke, I represented myself by saying that I will start the Super Analytics Helsinki during the fall. Kalle laughed but in that time, we hardly knew that it will become truth after all. People and the process You could say that improving the analytics and data driven culture is one of my passions. I will continue where I left my last blog about agile marketing . No wait, I did write about online videos in Sanoma's blog . Anyway, my next blog post will be about analytics process and the people involved. And I have a wild idea about how to measure the analytics process. So basically that is how to measure how you're measuring (and analyzing the data)? Stay tuned if you like to read this madness. :)

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