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The Scarecrow (1920)

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The Scarecrow (1920). Buster Keaton and Luke the dog. The Scarecrow (1920). Toothache. Buster Keaton and Joe Roberts. The Scarecrow (1920). Triangle drama. Buster Keaton, Sybil Seely, Joe Roberts. Variksenpelätin / Tulisessa kiireessä / Fågelskrämman / Buster Keatons Trauung mit Hindernissen / L'Épouvantail / Les Ruses de Malec.     US 1920. PC: Joseph M. Schenck Productions. Distr: Metro Pictures. P: Joseph M. Schenck. D: Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton. SC: Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton. Cin: Elgin Lessley. Technical D: Fred Gabourie. ED: Buster Keaton.     C from Wikipedia: Buster Keaton – Farmhand (as 'Buster' Keaton) Joe Roberts – Farmhand Sybil Seely – Farmer's Daughter Joe Keaton – Farmer Edward F. Cline – Hit-and-Run Truck Driver Luke the Dog – The "Mad" Dog Al St. John – Man with Motorbike Mary Astor - (uncredited)     Release date: 22 December, 1920. 19 minutes.     Lobster Films restoration with a score by Neil Brand / Mont Alto Orchestra (tbc).     2K DCP screened at Kino Regina, Helsinki (Buster Keaton), 10 Feb 2019 Of Buster Keaton's independently produced shorts The Scarecrow was the fourth to be released. It is a farm comedy jam-packed with gags.     THE ELECTRIC HOME. Two farmhands (Buster Keaton, Joe Roberts) live in a small room full of ingenious devices. Everything doubles as something else, and with a brilliant choreography of wires they achieve everything quickly and efficiently.     THE RIVALS. They are rivals for the attention of the farmer's daughter (Sybil Seely) but their furious combat enrages the farmer (Joe Keaton) so that the daughter decides to pacify him with cream pie.     LUKE THE DOG. However, the pie is eaten by Luke the Dog whose mouth remains lined with foam. Buster, thinking Luke is rabid, goes into a wild escape, jumping acrobatically into windows and doorways, running on the top of a ruined building and trying to hide in a haystack. When Buster emerges from the jaws of a combine harvester he is reduced to his underclothes but manages to make peace with Luke.     THE SCARECROW. Having lost his clothes Buster disguises as a scarecrow, and even in that state the combat between the rivals goes on. On the run Buster happens to kneel, and the daughter happens to be next to him, happy to accept his proposal.     ESCAPE TO MARRIAGE. They run from the father on horseback, but Buster's turns out to be a wooden horse. They grab a motorcycle, and on the way a priest happens between them, and they act instantly on the opportunity, proceeding with the wedding on the motorcycle (with a nut [to a bolt] serving as the wedding ring), the church and the river. Sybil Seely was one of Buster Keaton's most wonderful leading ladies. A very nice restoration with a charming musical score. BEYOND THE JUMP BREAK: DATA FROM WIKIPEDIA: BEYOND THE JUMP BREAK: DATA FROM WIKIPEDIA: The Scarecrow is a 1920 American two-reel silent comedy film starring Buster Keaton. It was written and directed by Keaton and Edward F. Cline. The runtime is 19 minutes. One of the more memorable scenes of the film is the opening, where Buster and Joe Roberts share a small one room house that is filled with many space- and labor-saving Rube Goldberg-type devices. Later in the film, Keaton tries desperately and comically to outrun and escape Luke the Dog. Buster plays a farmhand who competes with Joe Roberts to win the love of the farmer's daughter (Sybil Seely). Running from a dog (played by Luke, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle's real-life pet) that he believes is rabid, Buster races around brick walls, jumps through windows, and falls into a hay thresher, which rips off most of his clothes. He is forced to borrow the clothes of a scarecrow in a nearby field. Buster then trips into a kneeling position while tying his shoes, and Sybil believes he is proposing marriage to her. Next the couple speeds off on a motorcycle with Joe and the farmer (played by Buster's father, Joe) in hot pursuit. Scooping up a minister during the chase, they are married on the speeding motorcycle and splash into a stream at the climax of the ceremony and the film. TBK 5: The Scarecrow + Gabriella Oldham." Talking Buster Keaton, 30 October 2017. Fristoe, Roger. "The Scarecrow." Turner Classic Movies. 7 November 2017.The Scarecrow (1920 film) is available for free download at the Internet Archive

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