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The best (Swedish) vegan products.

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So this latest vegan week has now lasted about 8 weeks and i thought of sharing the best vegan (food) products i have discovered. I am not really a fan of tofu, oat milk or not many vegan replacement things in general but this is the good stuff i have found. Note that the prices are from my local Hemköp which is like the most expensive store ever but it is just too near for me to think of going elsewhere. 1. Chia seeds These tiny little seeds will feed me possibly forever. It is a small package but you need like 2 spoons of them, mix with milk and let stay in the fridge overnite. Add some chocoa powder or berries and some sugar maybe and there it is, perfect breakfast. About 35 kr. 2. Rice milk This was my biggest discovery actually. I drink A LOT of coffee and i want it with milk and i dont really like soya or oat milk. This, however, is perfect. It tastes like nothing which is the best. After this, i dont need milk for anything anymore. 23 kr . 3. Soya meatballs I am allergic for quite a lot of things, and for example quorn wont do and many things i cant eat because of the text "might contain traces of egg". These Anamma products are without that text and also they dont taste too much like hmm food that has egg, which many vegetarian/vegan this type of food taste. This is hard to explain but i prefer things that dont taste or feel egg at all because of all the hospital trips i have had because of egg. Anyway, this tastes like meatballs. Also it is gluten-free, if that is needed. 27 kr . 4. Vegan färs This is hard to translate to any other language than Swedish but practically this is frozen mince meat made of soya. Already spiced and ready to add to any food. I totally love this concep, whether it had meat or not: so easy just pour a bit to a pasta or as pizza topping or anything. 27 kr . 6. iMat fraiche This is perfect if u want to make dip for chips, use this instead of sour cream. Works also in pasta. About 19 kr. 7. This soya yogurt To be honest this looks actually quite grey, not pink. But that is the only minus, I love the pomegranate flavour. 23 kr? Not sure. 8. Egg replacer This i discovered immediately after moving to Sweden about 18 months ago. But it deserves to be in this list as it has saved so many of my bakings. No idea of the price anymore cos this will last (almost) forever.   9. Delicatoboll This little magic ball is from heaven most surely. This is, what vegans apparently call, accidentally vegan. I miss milk chocolate badly, but this makes me forget about it. About 300 kcl in each and totally worth every single one. 7 kr .

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