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Surreal but nice:

5-minute chunky vegan guacamole

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Still on a vegan week. I have no idea if guacamole is always vegan and cannot really bother to google that but this recipe at least is. I would maybe add some creme fraice or cream or something if not vegan now temporarily. Also you need not more than five minutes to prepare it. You need: 1 avocado a piece of onion or red onion or basically any onion 1/2 tomato (I didn't have any so I used tomato purée, works well enough) Some salt Some black pepper Some chili powder Some sugar Some lemon juice You'll do: Chop onion for small pieces. Chop tomato for small pieces. Scoop insides of avocado to a bowl and mix with onion and tomato. Mix until it is smooth enough. Add salt, black pepper, chili powder, sugar (very little) and lemon juice, as much taste as you want.

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