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Surreal but nice:

10 weird things Swedes do.

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I love you Swedish people but sometimes you are just strange. 1. You inform uni students about Ikea's opening hours   Obviously vital information in Sweden. 2. You don't sell non-fat milk Just why?? 3. You don't colour things as they should be Because forest berries just are not yellowish. 4. You offer to give our money straight to charity This is obviously great. 5. You measure us in Skatteverket Another piece of vital information. 6. You cannot find the submarine you once saw It is under the sea like Spongebob S. 7. Sometimes you give us free breakfast at tunnelbana  Free food is always the greatest thing in life. 8. You have politician who looks like character of Twin Peaks. Leland why did you killed Laura???? 9. Calculator for babies/access to internet bank Can't even. 10. You ask 60 krona for this and call it alcohol No. Just no.

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