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I have time for nothing at the moment but these are the tv shows I have somehow found time to watch. And addition to this list Girls, but that I finished ages ago. Firstly, ashamed to admit but this autumn I gave Little Britain another chance which appeared to be worth it. Orange Is the New Black. By recommendation of Miina, I watch the whole series of 12 episodes within a week. Yes, no life. New Girl! I started it as a "comfort show" to watch after Twin Peaks, which was scary. Then Twin Peaks ended and I kept watching this and now going on third season. And loving Nick and Jess. I already wrote something about this earlier, but what a classic. So I finally found this at the beginning of autumn and fell love with it. Probably the most well-made series that I have ever seen. And scariest. Mun ainoot 30 minsaa, which I started to watch from Yle Areena some time ago. Ilkka Villi is one good-looking man I have to say. Uusi päivä. Enough said: I think I have seen every single episode of all seasons. This one I started today: In Treatment. Not much to say yet. Summarising: Could do also something real instead of this. Screenshots: Netflixs, Yle Areena, Project free tv

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