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Delft Daily Photo:

Outside the city center

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Yesterday was a beautiful sunny weather and so we decided to take a little walk outside the city center of Delft. Here's what we saw: Delftse blauw mosaic. And someone thought to be funny. It's Kanaalweg (Canalstreet) rather than "analstreet". Waterboats are back! It's official, spring is here! Where are we, in Mexico? Flowers blossoming! Water sparkling! Careful now. The view from a distance. The church tower faaar away is the Old Church . Kwik-e-mart. Going to a tunnel. Flood of light. Chrispy green. Shopping mall De Hoven. Fruits and veggies. Hairdresser with traffic lights - this is very common in Holland. If it stands on red, it means no use just walking in for a quick cut; on orange you might get in and when the traffic light's on green you can freely walk in and be sure to get a haircut (in exchange for money of course). Ceiling. Loads of people. Poor boy pushing shopping carts. Flower store. Happy Easter! Yummy, more chocolate! Chocolate ducks. Cheese and nuts. Busy people. Here we are already outside the shopping mall. Mercurius and the sun in the same picture! Disco disco! Some apartments. Going to a tunnel again. Artists at work. The whole tunnel was filled with all sorts of paintings. Good and bad. This one (above) was one of my favourites. Hardly a commercial for Opel. Boat parking. Solar power! It almost felt like summer.

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