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Walking the camera

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Today I went to feed the duckies with my daughter and just in case took my camera with me. I've been struggling a little with this blog lately, but for some reason I felt inspired today and so we did a massive walk and saw a little of this and a little of that. Here are the highlights of our walk today: First, the inspiring duck. Wooden shoes, what else. And I also saw another cliché: windmills. We have internet since today , it said and the whole place was filled with people and their laptops. Everyone should know Bill Clinton has eaten poffertjes (small Dutch pancakes) here. Some color in the neighborhood. Typical. What's up with the door? I saw very first of spring today. I want nothing but McCain , it says. McCain is a producer of french fries in Holland, but I never eat anything but Aviko (another brand) , just in case. Also note the pretty poster on the wall. It was market day today. "Taxes" and the hand print says "Stop Aids, let's make a deal". This small alley reminded me of spring for some reason. Pimp my bike. How did he fit his car throught this alley? Una silla, por favor. Or two. Someone must be nuts about eggs. I wonder if this person also has blue frames on his glasses? Maybe a local Mikko Alatalo lives here (a famous Finnish artist, to see his photo, click here ). Who says graffiti and gardening don't go together? East port from the wrong side. The same port and the same side. Modern Dutch houses. Would you next time save me a seat? Painting on the wall. Someone lives here. No pooping. Our doorbell, now you know where I live.

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