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Delft Daily Photo:

1st of January 2009

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Thanks to one of my blog's readers, I'm now newly encouraged and ready to show more of beautiful Delft to you all. This time I will change my rules a little though. I will publish new photos whenever I have the inspiration and the chance to do so, and instead of just one photo, I might just click a series of photos. Here's the first of January: "Our" canal has been frozen for 3 days now Someone forgot to finish their drink s Bikes on ice Sinking Brabantse Turfmark after the New Year Trashy city I've never seen the market place so quiet as today Te Koop Arponen (te koop = myytävänä) Ice ice baby A pile of magazines was still smoking at 9 am Did someone forget something? Crazy (=drunken) people have been walking on the thin ice An old German poster of Finnland Many of the car hoods were used as a writing board A pretty, old car This is the last of the Christmas decoration, I promise Duckies on a queue to take off

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