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Jämsänkoski and Central Finland

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If you want to experience Finland at it's rawest and fullest, a trip to central Finland is a necessity. Nowhere is the nature as beatiful and untouched and the sunsets over the numerous lakes as breathtaking. During the summer months, Finns move to their summer cottages, which are numerous around the lakes of central Finland. If you are able to befriend a Finn with a summer cottage on the lake, I strongly recommend you to enjoy his hospitality and go live the Finnish midsummer at its finest. Situated in the hear of central Finland is Jämsänkoski, a lovely town just about 100 kilometres north from Tampere. It is an old industrial town, filled with delightful points and places of interest that you could never experience in a visit to sterile and cosmopolitan Helsinki. Jämsänkoski was founded in 1926 when it separated from the bigger parish of Jämsä. Koskenpää parish was incorporated into Jämsänkoski in the beginning of 1969. It has been a township since 1986 and it belongs to the administrative district of Western Finland although central Finland remains the centre for labour and trade. It's scenery is a sight in itself. Take your time when driving along the scenic route by Lake Kankarisvesi to Koskenpää village. An old steamboat on the lake Päijänne The Local Historical Museum in Aarresaari is tended by the Regional Society. It lends its grounds to the local J+J Theatre to put on the annual summer plays. The milieu reflects local history from the 16th century to the 20th. The museum is open every summer from the beginning of June until the middle of August. The Boating Route "Wanha Witonen" stretches all the way from the old church in Petäjävesi to Jämsänkoski. It's a narrow chain of lakes and rivers meandering through some of the most picturesque scenery in central Finland. The signs designating places where it's possible to go ashore - 19 in all - are clearly visible from the boat. You can trek round the roughest stages although the route is for the most part easily navigable. The Churches in Jämsänkoski and Koskenpää are highly recommended places for visiting. Designed by architect W.G.Palmqvist, the Jämsänkoski Church dates from 1935. When it was renovated in 1996, the church also got an impressive annexe as the new premises for the church members' activities. The church in Koskenpää is a lovely, small, wooden building full of feeling. It dates fr

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