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Paint Showers Of April

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a detail, unfinished painting April and sunshine, still cold at nights. That doesn't bother me, I usually sleep all through the night.  Turned out that my head wasn't suffering from migraine. That was a relief. Instead I had constantly trouble with my right eye, still have, the field of vision is blurry and cloudy. Went to the eye clinic and now I have the diagnosis of posterior vitreous detachment . It’s common among elderly people, damn. I’m now also diagnosed as old! Well, I still have my left eye, it seems to be in good condition. I’m able to paint and that is what I have been doing. Believe it or not, I’m going to have yet another exhibition in May! Again with my friend Johanna .  Some could say we’re crazy, some could say we like to have fun. I prefer the latter.  My paintings are going to be fantasy and magic visions. The exhibition is called Once Upon A Time There Was A Fairy Tale . Sounds good and I do hope it’s also going to look good.

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