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Do not blame me for the subject.

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It has been a long day. I have been working on a story that I wrote, and it changes constantly. But, at least I have something pleasant to do alongside drawing since today has been a long day; I've been reading swedish and some other school subjects, and my work seems infinite. But I am not going to stress about it anymore, just going to do something about it, and see how it turns out. The last act of Spoon River is still before us: like last year, we have party with the cast and it's ought to be fun. Two actors in the matter of fact decided to opt out the party, but we got our soundman and musician to cover up the loss...no, no they're not just reinforcements, but part of the crew. I wan't to keep my english gear on. I mean, it is fun to write, and it is useful when considering my english as an subject in senior high school. I bet that there are people who would disagree with me, but naah. I don't mind. Of course, now the most-hated subject will reveal itself now...let's talk bullshit! (I know, I made a promise that I shall never talk about these things, but...) You know what's ironic? The so-called intelligence of humankind. When you come to think about it, we have achieved much, and yet there is so huge amount of things for us to gain, learn and refine. Yet, there are these moments that make mankind look really primitive, and sub-developed race: everything that we develop, is either crafted from war, made solely for warfare or just is adjusted for it. I am not saying, that everything is created from war, but everything human has created, has played at least some role in all those countless wars that mankind has waged. How come, that our culture, civilization, ethics and moral approves - or, in some cases, creates - war? It is in our genes. As long as humans got those genes and DNA in themselves, wars will be waged. It is also in the very structure of our brain system, so it also is a thing that cannot be changed. When defining war as an phenomenon, we must consider the fact that it is part of us. I am not telling you to ignore war, or to think that it isn't that bad. What I am telling to you is that there are not nations that attack other nations more than others just because they are those specific nations. When Russian Federation(currently at war in Chechnya region) North-Korea(Socialistic dictature that is regarded as military regime) People's Republic of China (violating human rights -not nationally, but internationally - in ways that could be seen as war crimes) Pakistan (waging war against India and the other way around) Israel and Palestine(War of religions, absurd conflict between arabs and jews) United States of America (has invasion forces in Afghanistan and Iraq) are observed, they fight in their wars because they can. And most importantly, because they have to, either for national opinion/demand, religion, or natural resources. If, for example, Finland, Norway or Sweden were superpowers, they would do same things as previously introduced countries. You cannot blame those countries, because, every single human being is capable of killing. It just needs 'right' circumstances to active "killing genes" in most of people. To put it roughly, there is potential killer in all of us. But, what are you going to do for it? By the way, I should throw a challenge for those rare readers of my blog: why would God put the Tree of Virtuous and Evil Knowledge in the middle of the Paradise, in the reach of man? Human - according to the Bible - wasn't exactly good or evil to the begin with, yet there existed a source of information and using that source would let it up to human him/herself to decide, which path to follow? It doesn't make any sense. If God , as He created us, knew, that humans had lust for anything forbidden, why to put the dammed tree into spotlight? Was it just a plan to sieve humans, to those who were worth Heaven, and those worth Hell? It sounds rough. It could be because I made this hypothesis up, but still...why?

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