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I am so fucking pissed off I could kill just about anyone, just to get even with the world. I am sick and fucking tired of the on-going, ever-lasting fucking shite that is my work and especially the manager of our restaurant. The bitch. I haven't been this fed up since the last depression episode about a year ago, which I have only recently recovered from. I so feel like going to the doctor, cry my heart out and get two months is sick leave because my head is falling apart. I fucking hate this. I fucking hate the fact that I burned myself out three years ago. I fucking hope that the person who so successfully FUCKING DESTROYED MY BLOODY LIFE DIES TODAY IN A VERY FUCKING VIOLENT WAY. I HATE YOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKING CUNT AND IF I EVER SEE YOU I WILL DIG YOUR HEART OUT WITH A SPOON AND FEED IT TO YOU!

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