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design! to make an impact..

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Company design strategy is an important factor in a successful path to growth and renewal. I had a nice discussion with a friend of mine, Mikael Heikkilä on the fact that often companies have a successful technological advantage behind their corporate strategy, but many of the companies would gain even more from a strategic design development plan that would keep them ahead of competition. If thinking about a company that has got a very innovative patented technology as a key success factor, adding a design advancement would even further improve the product and the company´s situation. I truly believe that in the current competitive global market one cannot put all the eggs in a single bucket. True innovation and advancement has to be incorporated in the company´s assets in all areas. If thinking about a simple scenario: 1. Company A develops the lightest running shoes on the market. 2. Company B develops very light but very well designed running shoes to the market. In the above mentioned case I would suppose that company B has got better chances to succeed, since they are directing their attention to many consumer battlefields. I still keep wondering that so many companies rely solely on their great advantages on a single success factor. If the management would require further development through the value chain, take the battle to many fronts, we would be able to see much more success stories in the world of products. Also acting bravely and taking off the "this is how we have always created successful products" -glasses would really cherish the possibility for an impactful design. Breathing new life to the soul of the company would make the company stronger in the eyes of consumers. excellent engineering + successful modern design = a product with only a little chance to go wrong

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