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Russian fighter bomber - Follow up

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A few days back I wrote about the suspected Russian fighter bomber that is said to have dropped a missile in Georgia. See ' Russian or not - the fighter bomber? '. Russia reports their disappointment in how the international Group of Experts inspecting the incident seem to have taken the Georgian side. Russia suspects that Georgians have damaged parts of the missile to prevent its identifying. I must correct my statement in the previous post: the plane was not identified to have been Russian. Instead it was found that an unidentified aircraft entered Georgian airspace three times during the day. - One might wonder, of course, if Russian air control should be aware of, and identify, any military aircraft in their airspace. The missile was identified to be a Russian design Raduga Kh-58 (AS-11 KILTER) medium range anti-radar missile, that is used for knocking down targeting radars etc. (See also rockitz.com .) See the International Group of Experts Report . Another international group is now inspecting the case. In this group Poland and Estonia are represented. Both countries with which Russia at the moment have very bad relations indeed. Whatever the truth is in this missile incident, it cannot be denied that Russia has employed exceptional actions in their contact with Georgia: After Georgia expelled Russian officers last year, Russia cut off flight connections to Georgia, inspected Georgian companies in Russia, and discontinued import of Georgian wine and mineral water. Russia has informed the international community that they do not wish for third parties getting involved with their relationship with Georgia.

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