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The kindness of strangers: Lippmann naked

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I had something else scheduled to show you for today (a 'here's one I made earlier' I took last month) but I had a lovely package arrive a couple of days ago and I wanted to show you right away. On a post a few weeks back I mentioned a hunch that I thought a colour might be similar to Lippmann's Waking up in Vegas, a colour I had long admired from afar. A very kind reader offered to send me her bottle, since it wasn't a colour she wore. It turned out when I got the package that she sent quite a few other colours besides! So, thank you again Elaine, I can't wait to swatch them! :) MUA has made me a great believer in doing nice things for people you don't know, and this really touched me and lifted me during a slightly bleak patch last month, so it was a much appreciated gesture. Anyway, this is the first I tried: Lippmann naked. I had a hunch from online swatches that this might be a good mannequin hands colour for me (I wear NC15 usually) and it definitely is. It reminds me a little of Mavala Liberty, which I wore for my PhD upgrade), but the Lipmmann is much easier to apply and doesn't have the eternal dry time of the Mavala. This is three coats. As you can see it's a semi-sheer shade, so there's still a little bit of VNL. I really like this actually, I think it gives the polish more depth than if it was fully opaque. It also applies smoothly considering that this kind of formula should be rife with problems, and is nice and shiny without a topcoat. I really like it, this is definitely the kind of shade I pack for conferences, holidays and the like, because chips don't show.

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