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[BLOG WATCH] Speedlinking Week 16

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First Blog Watch here on Poker Wits Blog! Here we go, Blog Watch: Speedlinking Week 16 * LarsLuzak hits some nice sessions and wins $380k @ HighStakesDb. HighStakesDb also tracks the Durrrr Challenge: Durrrr vs Antonius status . * Speaking of which, the most recent update on 'durrrr' challenge comes from Poker News: Poker News 'durrrr' Challenge Update (by Nicole Gordon). How's the challenge going? Antonius now up $23k. * 2009 WSOP Europe Schedule @ Pokernews. In case interested, here is a direct link to the WSOP Europe 2009 schedule * 'j.thaddeus' Wins PokerStars SCOOP Main Event -Hi at PokerNews. * JCarver posts feedback/review about SCOOP as an open letter to Pokerstars re: SCOOP feedback . * PokerRoom.com shuts down! post at PokerNews by Barbara Connors. * Ryon Nicholson (aka 7 card Ryon aka Cardsharps_net) has been doing well on MTTs on FullTilt lately. Post by PokerBloggs. * "Omaha High-Low: Play to Win with the Odds" - Book Review , posted at A Shark and a Fish -blog. While you are there, check the two other posts as well Making Right-Sized Bets and The Most Important Two Seconds In Poker . * JCarver and the tuesday taknapotin television treatise = Tv Shows he has watched through SurfTheChannel.com . Non-Poker Bonus Speedlink My laptop broke down (no idea watch wrong, it just doesn't start), so as a bonus, I end this with a non-poker post from the superb Lifehacker that saved my day, as I now have something to do when I get back home :) Even thou it's titled for "what to do when you are forced to be offline", there were great pointers for me, who is computerless at home right now: Lifehacker - What You Should Do When Your Internet's Out Got a poker blog I don't know about? Trackback or make a post in the comments, I'll add you to my "blogroll". Carefull thou, you might end up in the Blog Watch :)

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