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Charades are for the theater, let's leave the play on the scene

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I went to a great seminar today. It gave me much more than I had expected and in a totally different way. It was all about being who you are in a world of charades. When everybody else is playing something they are not, the way to stand out is to be one's true self. I buy it. I believe it. It was also about helping others be who they truly are. By helping others, even those you compete with, will make you stronger and greater. In a way it is a very humane way of thinking. It was all about the business world. A traditionally cold world. The thought of being able to soften it - and for it to be allowed - triggers me in some way. I do not believe in the coldness of any world, including the business one. Charades are for the theater, let's leave the play on the scene. So how about it? Are we brave enough to be ourselves, even in the harsh world of business life? Are we certain enough to leave our masks behind? After all, take a look around you. A soft spot in the boardroom could stand out in a positive way.

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