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Battambang, Cambodia

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Hello People! A lot has happened again since I wrote here last time. Here's a short post from me. The most exciting part in the end of this chapter. First I went to Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, to see the formula 1 racing. It was a nice experience but maybe something I don't wanna experience again. Whole day was pretty much just waiting. Waiting for the taxi, airplane, busses, beginning of the race and so on. It was really hot day and the formulas were loud as he*l. But they went really fast! :) Few days later we (me, Pekka and our local friend Ida) left to Thailand to Koh Samui. We met there Pekka's friend Janne from Finland. Samui is a nice island but big one. We didn't see much of it in the end. Because it was full moon time we just had to go to Koh Phangan to see the famous Full moon parties. Nice parties indeed (good music and cheap drinks) but actually a lot less people than I thought. After Koh Samui we had to say farewells to Ida and me, Pekka and Janne headed to Surat Thani. Taking a night train to Bangkok. They didn't have 2nd class places left so we had to take 1st class tickets. The difference between the sleeping beds is very small. In Bangkok we just wanted to find a cheap place for one night because we wanted to leave to Siam Reap in the next morning. We found a place called Kik Kik Kik, very close to Th. Khao San and it costed about 100 Bahts per night per person. In the next morning we took a bus to Cambodia. The journey to Thai-border went pretty ok. But after the border when we changed the bus everything changed totally. The roads in Cambodia are in really bad shape. The journey from the border to Siam Reap, which is about 150 km, took 6 hours from us. In some point it started to rain and because the roads are maide of sand and stuff the whole road became very muddy and slippering. We got stucked in the mud in the middle of nowhere. Didn't know should I cry or laugh. Well, there was this one big truck who finally pulled us a little bit further. Thanks to those guys.In Siam Reap we spent 3 nights. Taking of course a minitour to Angkor Wat which was great. Angkor Wat is a collection of ruins and temples near Siam Reap which was constructed by Khmer kings between 800-1200. After Siam Reap me and Jouko (one finnish traveller) left to Battambang. We took the boat that was supposed to take us to Battambang in 5-6 hours. But because it was dry season and there weren't much water the whole trip lasted about 9 hours. I got really sick during that trip. But in Battambang after sleeping a lot and taking good medication I got healthy again. Last night here in Battambang me and Jouko woke up suddenly when we heard a powerful explosion. Part of our ceiling came down and the first thing I had in my mind was that there had been a bomb attack against our hotel (there were many western tourists at that moment). Explosion happened about 2.30 am and we went down soon to see what had happened. Most of the people had went there and people were a little bit scared. No one knew what had happened.Later we heard that there had been a fire in the nearby military base. Their rockets and other ammunitions had exploded. Our hotel was about 3-4 km from there and still a lot of damage had happened.I am glad that there wasn't anything dangerous thoughts against us and I can continue my normal life here in Cambodia.Tomorrow I am gonna check the few sightseings here and then head back to Thailand and to Laos maybe. I am feeling good and it has been interesting time here in Southeast Asia so far. Let's keep in touch!

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