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Beautiful autumn morning!

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My apologies for not updating for a while. I've been swamped with work, the only workout I've gotten for a while has been cycling to work and back (unless if it's been rainy, which it has quite a lot recently). Excuses, excuses... Sunday was a beautiful and quite a warm day, it being so late in the autumn, so I went for a walk/jog. Not having too much difficulties, I ran 3km of it. Great! It really made a difference not having to run on tarmac. Again, the sunshine of this morning made me go and try jogging on an empty stomach. Perhaps not the best idea for me, but I enjoyed the scenery so much that it didn't matter that much that the stomach hurt and I felt a bit dizzy at times. Couldn't run very much, or just short distances at a time, but in general I kept a fair pace. I wish it wasn't this dark, this time of year. I can't say I'd like to run in the evenings, in the dark, so I hope to get to jog when it's still light outside. The colours of the autumn are all but gone, but it's spectacular to see the treetops shimmering in the sun. In addition, it's magnificent to see the town (it's not too long a way up on a hill where you can see almost the whole of my home town) in sunlight, no matter what season it is. By the way, I finally got my Nike+ iPod gear last week, and that's why I'm able to include a graph on the right margin here. Nike+ is a user-friendly site and whenever you plug in your iPod, the data is transferred on your own site. You can choose yourself whether you share your runs with the world or whether you just keep it private. I guess I'm a bit of a nerd, but this site really makes a boost on my motivation to run. I've noticed, though, that Nike+ and PulseSonic calculate the consumption of calories a little differently. When walking, Nike+ says that you have consumed 30kCal more (on average) than PulseSonic. The more you run, the more similar result they give. Not too serious, but still I think it's worth recognising... Ouch, I feel a little headache coming this way, maybe because of the intense sunlight straight into my eyes at times out there(?). Well, I'll manage ;) On a day off like this, a morning jog is ok if you don't ask yourself to make a running record... With that in mind, go ahead and try yourself!

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