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How do you enjoy your coffee/tea? Usually I drink tea - coffee is a speciality for me, and then it should be of good quality and well made. I prefer tea plainly as it is, in winter I tend to use honey, but not much and it must be solid (the running kind of honey seems to be sweeter). I'm up for everything except for black tea or cheap teabags. Green & herbal teas are good. Fruity teas not. When I drink coffee I usually take a cappuccino, or then coffee made in a pan (or a presso-pan) just plain or with hot milk. What's your favourite breakfast? It depends, on the season and what I'm doing. Often I like just plain liquid breakfasts, water, tea and some fresh squeezed orange juice for example. Or then smoothies, raw porridge (i became so fixated with this last winter, I ate so much raw porridge - just soaked over night in oat milk, seeds and some berries and indian sugar&spices, yam). Or just fruit. Peanut butter? YEs... But I have to keep myself from buying or making it too often because I spend one can in a wink of an eye. ;) All the nut spreads are a weak spot, tahini even more. (By the way, banana with peanut butter/tahini is super) What kind of a dressing do you want with your salad? Olive oil&vinegar Coke or Pepsi? Neither You're feeling lazy, what will you make? Eat fruit, yoghurt? Tea? Skip? You feel like cooking, what will you make? Start composing with the ingredients, take a recipe but do it differently in the end. IT depends ;O) Does some dish give you bad memories? Yes. Spinach soup from the early school years, and some salty porridge we had one time. Those are the few times I couldn't eat because the food made me feel like puking. Does some dish remind you of someone? Of course. Kampanisut reminds of my grandmother in the north, also makaronilaatikko (macaron casserole). Some certain candies remind me of my childhood friends (still friends though). Chocolate pie reminds me of my friends last year in study, 'specially my room mate. Fish soup reminds me of my grandfather (the best I've ever had, the school soups are disgusting compared), and fish anyhow of the other grandfather from mom's side. Is there a dish you would refuse to eat? Yes. Very many ready-made-dishes you can buy in the stores I'd refuse, meat (i do eat fish occasionally), chicken no, sodas. But mainly I eat pretty much anything, if it's not spoiled and gone bad. And milk I wouldn't drink, it just disgusts me (Although in this same breath I say, I could try fresh milk just because of interest). What was your childhood favourite food? Makaronilaatikko, meatballs, spaghetti&tomato-tuna-sauce, candies and pulla, chips.. everything trashy :-D Is there a food you hated as a child but now love? Very many. For example olives, many vegetables and root vegetables, coffee, green tea. Your favourite fruit and vegetable? It changes. On the season and location - in Finland you can't get the delicious fruits you can get abroad. In finland best are apples in season. Your favourite junk food? Hmmm. I don't know if I really like that much junk food, I'm sad to say. For ex. I don't like pizzeria-pizzas (and part of this is that the few times I've had it I've felt horrible after it, like I couldn't move for the rest of the day) but I do like home-made pizza. But I don't think that is any more junk food. BUt hey, does ice cream count? But that I mostly like the italian gelato and sorbet kind of things. Your favourite snack? Fruits, nuts Do you have any weird food habits? I like cold porridge. I mean the oat porridge that has been cooked and cooled. You're on a diet. What shall you eat? Mmm, well, I don't think so much of diets but I think I would mainly watch I don't eat anything that makes me feel heavy and uncomfortable, like candies, chips and food with preservatives. Drink much liquid. Eat liquid. You finished your diet. What would you like to have? Mmm.. How hot do you order your Indian/Thai food? I like hot. But the finnish hot is different from Indian hot.. Something to drink? Water, with lime/lemon. Wine. Red or white? Winter mostly red, summer white. It's not that black and white but red feels sometimes too heavy to be drunk in summer. Your favourite dessert? I like desserts of many kind. The perfect nightcap? Nightcaps are totally unfamiliar to me What's your first baking or cooking memory? Mm, well, I remember I used to make pulla when I was younger and that felt quite difficult. Don't know if that's the first one but.. Who has most affected your cooking? Many things. My mother, all the information including books, blogs. VEry much vegan, vegetarian and living food-stuff. Nigella Lawson - although i haven't made her recipes but I love her presence. Do you have a photograph as an evidence from your early cooking? Hmm. No? Not sure. Do you suffer from any sort of a cooking fear, does even a thought of cooking a certain dish make your hands sweat? Naaahhh... I'm quite fearless What's your most used or valued kitchen utensil and/or your biggest disappointment when it comes to your kitchen utensils? I like a blender. You can do so much with it. I'd really love some really professional knifes - but ... the truth is that I always have used really crappy knifes. Maybe when I grow up ;) Name a funny or weird food combination that you really like. Dhmm, mmm. Banana and blue cheese is good, but dunno that's weird Name three eatables or dishes you just can't live without. cheeses, fruit, mm,, ahh, I get confused What's missing from your cooking? Mm, ahh, many things, my focus is now spread too much to think on this

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