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New s60 freeware: deli.s

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In the series of small s60 utilities I have made for myself: deli.s is an application which helps the user to post links to http://del.icio.us from the handset. I was tired of copy-pasting URLs and using numerous dialogs. With deli.s you can send a link to delicious just by selecting the right bookmark and adding the tags and extra description you want. As a piece of software made just for myself, it is a bit rough on the edges with known and unknown bugs and limitations. Decided to share this anyway as I bet I am not the only one that needed something like this. Download and check it out from the following page: http://huopio.fi/simo/software/delis/ Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. I am not promising quick turnaround on new features - as I am coding this only when commuting on a bus ;).

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