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Embedded in every man is a latent power, such that has the dynamic ability to bring about and cause any kind of desired change in any situation. It is a recognizable fact that every form of human association, organization or unit, with a definite purpose (whether good or evil, noble or immoral) has a ‘soul’. And such, is given life by the innate conviction and beliefs of the individual members of such group. Revolutionary changes in every society have always been as a result of such collection of ideas and strong passion, which culminates into a powerful force of change. In the 1920s, it took just a small group of disgruntled elements among veterans of the World War I in The Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, to pioneer and drive the force of hate , that brought about the massive destructions of people, lives, properties and overturned the global political culture, as never been experienced by mankind. The holocaust and World War II engulfed the whole of Europe and ultimately put the whole World in total darkness from 1939 to 1945. This is as result of an evil and wicked movement. And it measures the strength and magnitude of an ignited conviction and passion of a group of people, and what such force is capable of accomplishing when put to work. Martin Luther King Jnr, the great American civil right leader, with a group of bold, dedicated and passionate young people who desired, above all other things, a change in the status of The African American, started a movement that brought about and entrenched a structural and permanent change in the American racial issues. It is very worthy to note that, he (Luther) was never a leader of any ‘registered’ political party; rather he was a driver of a revolutionary movement of his time. Nelson Mandela (Madiba himself), is a man and an Icon we all want to be identified and associate with. He, with other members of the ANC, under a hostile, ruthless and domineering Apartheid regime in South Africa , fought and finally reshaped that country’s political structure. Coming home to Nigeria , Chief Gani Fawehinmi, without playing in the mainstream politics or serving in any political position, made tremendous impact in the shaping of our judicial system, and to a large extent, ultimately instilling the consciousness of the supremacy and respect for the Rule of Law into our body polity. He started a movement that we can build on to make a change in our society. We can go on and on to cite cases were the will and aspirations of ordinary people gathered into a singular extra-ordinary powerful force, changed and reshaped cultures, ideas and ideological believes of an entire society. Great Nations and societies of the world are formed, shaped and built on strong and powerful ideological principles, and not on lose political parties. These beliefs, entrenched in the very soul of the nation are the bedrock or foundation upon which political parties and every of such associations are established.  In the Nigerian context, it will be futile to delve into the past to dig out questions about the conception of the country we found ourselves in, if we do, it will be liken to a situation were a child walks up to ask his father about the legitimacy of his (the father’s) birth. Of course that is another topic of discussion entirely; however, I will like to reaffirm that on the 1 st of October, 1960, a Nation called Nigeria was born. Whether, the conception was illegitimate or not, the country has a SOUL. It is possible that Nigeria might have been born with deformity, it does not matter anymore. What matters now is how it grows and mature into the Great Nation we all desire it to be. Over the past five (5) decades, The Soul of the Nigerian Nation has been scourged, beaten and battered by all manner of  vices; coups, a devastating civil war, religious and ethnic killings, cancerous kind of corruption in all facet of the society and many more. The social, cultural, political and moral values of the country’s psyche have been continually trampled upon by successive military governments and their civilian allies. The very ‘mind’ of Nigeria has been stolen, beaten and weakened by a rouge and oppressive ruling class. The country, over the years has been like a man that has lost his mind and without moral strength to recover. However, we keep hope alive by believe that, there is a generation coming and is now here, with a definite mandate to help the Nigerian Nation find it’s ‘righteous’ mind, take it back and rebuild it. We do not have much time in our hands, because the world is not waiting for us. Global settings are changing with an accelerated speed. Technological advancements in every aspect of human life are fast changing the way we think and do things. We now have to play on a global stage were anything and everything we do is been watched and seen by all in every part of the world. While the clamor for political offices and positions and the agitations by different groups to form new political parties along different lines and divides may be understandable, it is paramount to note that, what will bring the long lasting change we require today is, an IDEOLOGICAL REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT! Such organization, with a long range vision and mission, aimed at changing the very mindset of the Nigerian youths. The movement will target the very young ones, meaning that our educational system is where it will start from. And I do not mean just going to school, we have to begin to indoctrinate our young boys and girls with the ‘Great Nigeria’ concept, and prepare not just a patriotic, but a fanatical group that will help find, take back, hold and reshape the very soul and future of this country. We have a very fertile ground in the minds of the young ones, which if carefully cultivated with radical seeds of patriotism, no doubt, in the near future, will produce a bountiful harvest of fruitful, productive and excellent leadership that we strongly desire.

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