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Creative Writing Prompts- Superheroes In The Face Of Writer's Block!

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How many times have you been plagued by writer's block? That horrible creative paralysis that comes when you're sat at a blank page or computer screen, desperate to write and pour out your creative ideas. But the words just don't come. There's not even a slow drip, let alone the gushing rivers of creative writing you'd hoped for. This type of creative block, or writer's block, can strike any creative writer and render them almost helpless. But there is hope, and there are ways to overcome it. Using creative writing prompts is a very effective method of combating the evil writer's block. Creative writing prompts are in fact like your own special private team of superheroes. They're ready and waiting to hit that evil villain known as writer's block right where it hurts and send it scurrying back to where it come from. So how do these prompts work? What they do is provide a short creative phrase, idea or sentence to get your creative juices flowing. Once you've had that little push to get you started, your own creativity kicks in and carries you forward. The most difficult part of creating - especially when your confidence is low - is getting started. Creative writing prompts step up to the rescue in their beautiful flowing capes and their underpants worn on the outside. (Ok they don't ACTUALLY look like that, they're just a few words written down, but go with the analogy!) So the next time you're stuck at a blank screen and feel you're suffering the effects and onset of writer's block, get on that superhero hotline and call up a few creative writing prompts to save the day!

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