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Creative Writing Prompts - Hot Wire Your Creative Writing With New Writing Prompts

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Every writer has their own unique creative writing abilities, a way of spinning words together like no-one else. Also, we're all capable of improving our writing, writing more richly, more deeply, more abundantly. Often though we simply don't write. Our creative writing potential just sits there, desperate to be set free but somehow unable to even start. It's like owning a beautiful, elegant and extremely fast sorts car, but it's just sitting on your front drive and you've lost the keys... So how do you find those keys? How do you get that sports car that is your creative writing potential started up and out to rip it up on the open road? Hot wire it! You need a way of getting it started, something to give that initial ignition spark that fires the engine. The best way of doing this with your creative writing is to use some kind of creative writing prompt. A writing prompt can just be a few words, a paragraph, a short exercise, an image, something that gives your creativity a starting point to set off in its imaginative journey from. Many of us fear or avoid creative writing prompts, because we feel it's taking a short cut somehow, or it's cheating, we should come up with every tiny part of every idea ourselves. It's an understandable concern in principle. But using creative writing prompts is not copying or plagiarising someone else. It's simply using that starting point to challenge and encourage your creative writing talents to get to work and produce something interesting, something that's all your own creation. If you wanted to adopt this purist approach of not wanting to use creative writing prompts and be totally 100% original, you could also say - OK you can't use any SEQUENCE of words that anyone else has ever used. Oh and you can't use any WORDS that anyone else has ever used either. Actually, you can't even use the same LETTERS, you must make up your own alphabet, then your own words, then you can write something that's completely 100% original. Happy? Seems a little silly doesn't it? What would happen then also is no-one would even understand your writing, it would just be symbols on a page. A huge part of creative writing is to weave the words that connect with people, that touch them, prompt them to recall a memory, an emotion or an experience from their own life. It's very hard to do that with a completely new alphabet and language! If you've had these kind of concerns before, maybe it's time to try out some writing prompts and see where they lead, see how they can hot wire that beautiful sports car of yours. Why let it just sit there gathering dust on your driveway any longer?

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