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20.8. Updates before we move and start in a new job = update intervals will be even worse…

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  BH Hullabaloo's Viksu Susi STDcsd Photo: Teemu Rissanen   Summer was here and it was beautiful and fun all along . We trained something but mostly we just hang around and had a relaxing holiday. Dogs had some quality holiday time while we were in Spain. Thank you Ninni for taking such a good care of Viksu, special thanks to Intro also :-) I can not believe that it has been a year since Intro was this small!!! Photo Nina Koso   Viksu has been trialing also, she got her BH-title in the early summer. She did quite nice work but the handler was SO lost…I forgot how to walk for example (quite a difficult job to manage, walking…). Now Viksu has earned her rights to start in SAR and tracking trials. Photo Tapani Eriksson Viksu has also trialed in herding :-) That means that we both have done our first herding trials ever!!! Yahhoo!!!We attended two herding clinics and two trials this summer and in all of them I felt very useless and Viksu must have felt really important since she had to work so hard to manage the animals…She did good even if I tried to ruin all her work. In the end she got so frustrated with me that now we have to jump back to the basics and hopefully we will find the herding “zen” in near future. But as a result from the trials we got STDcsd titles for my little blue love. Not bad, even if I say so myself :-) Viksu did her best work with cattle (she had seen cows three times before the trial…)…tough lady. Photo Lea Laine   We also trialed in ASCA obedience and got our first leg for CD-title . We got 190,5 points out of 200. Viksu worked nicely (once again ;-)) but there were some technical mistakes that affected the points a bit. Roni trialed in obedience also and he got 190 points!!! And he was quiet! The reason I stopped trialing with him was that he got to be so noisy while he is working…My Grand Old Man, still going strong! Photo Lea Laine   I have been wondering Viksu’s leg / back during the last spring and this summer. She has had some troubles in jumping and every now and then I saw a little something in her movements. But I could not find out what it was. I took her in to two different physiotherapist and they could not find any faults in her. After the herding week (two days at the clinic and three days at the trial, thanks to Pia (kennel Ardiente)!!!!It was so nice and cool to be there!) the symptoms were worse and I could see that she was clumsy while walking around on her own. She never ever showed any symptoms while she was working. And finally I took her to an orthopaedic vet. And the findings were that she had a partial Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture in her right knee. And it had been there for a while…Think about her work ethics…She just kept on going and asked for more all the time. She is definitely one of a kind. I believe I will never ever get another dog like Viksu. Well, the knee has been operated and Viksu is on sick leave for ten weeks now. That is horrible to both of us but we will raise again :-) I believe our jumping problems are over after she has healed, it might have been a little bit unpleasant to jump with a broken leg…and yet she did it. I just saw that she was not clear with her jumps and luckily I did not ask her to do that too many times.  I love my dogs and I wish time would fly over these ten weeks, Viksu might learn how to do our taxes or headmasters little jobs in that time...                       

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