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Sales of World's Most Expensive Paintings

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Painting is one of the works that are very much created by an artist. Besides painting a work very sisukai by all people around the world. That's because scratches the hands of artists who created a work that is accompanied by a color and line in a painting course if the sale will result in a very expensive price. And the following will be explained about penjulan most expensive painting in the world! Painting Woman Sitting Near A Window Sales first painting at a very high price is a painting named Painting Woman Sitting Near a window created by an artist named Pablo Picasso world. He is an artist jyang very reliable it is no wonder that his paintings have a very expensive auction price that is 44, 9 million US Dollar. Painting Dusthead The second painting is a painting Dusthead work of an artist named Jean Michel Basquia. This painting is no less expensive as the first painting that has the auction price of about 48, 4 million US Dollars. All because Dusthead painting has a meaning that is very beautiful though this painting like children. Painting Saying Grace The next painting is a painting by an artist named Norman Rockwell. In the painting named Saying Grace describes a cafe or bar created using guratn line that can make the painting look more beautiful becomes. And for the price of this painting is 15-20 million US Dollar. most read ; http://disehat.com/daftar-makanan-untuk-ibu-menyusui/ http://disehat.com/manfaat-daun-klorofil-bagi-kesehatan/ http://disehat.com/cara-mengatasi-sakit-pinggang-saat-hamil/ http://disehat.com/penyebab-penyakit-lupus-dan-pengobatannya/ http://disehat.com/jenis-penyakit-jantung-bawaan-yang-perlu-diwaspadai/ http://disehat.com/penyebab-penyakit-kaki-gajah-dan-pencegahannya/ http://disehat.com/tips-mengobati-diabetes-secara-tradisional/ http://disehat.com/cara-membentuk-otot-perut-dengan-mudah-dan-cepat/ http://disehat.com/makanan-pengganti-nasi-untuk-penderita-diabetes/ http://disehat.com/efek-samping-menggunakan-behel-bagi-kesehatan/ http://disehat.com/inilah-penyebab-sakit-perut-sebelah-kiri/ http://disehat.com/inilah-obat-peninggi-badan-alami-dan-ampuh/ http://disehat.com/penyebab-kaki-bengkak-saat-hamil-dan-cara-mengatasinya/ http://disehat.com/jenis-buah-buahan-untuk-diet/ http://disehat.com/manfaat-biji-mahoni-bagi-kesehatan-tubuh/

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