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Get Out 2017 Online Anschauen " Get Out-englisch-2017-blu ray-kostenlos-Bluray-DVDScr-online schauen-720p-M4V-BDRip-deutsch-stream.jpg Ehrentitel Get Out 2017 Zeitdauer 155 minuziös Entlassung 2017-02-24 Qualität FLV 1080p HDRip Gattung Mystery, Thriller, Horror Programmiersprache English castname Cocteau W. Alidia, Misrahi N. Marois, Jayce L. Dylann Get Out 2017 Get Out ganzer film deutsch, Get Out online stream - Ganzer film, Get Out ganzer film online stream - Deutsch Horror and comedy have blended well since around the beginning of film for one key reason: the release that both allow from the audience. The building set-up is not unlike the quiet before the jump scare. Both utilize equations of timing to provoke an unconscious reaction. Because of these similarities, the horror-comedy is a well-tapped genre, especially in the last couple decades of works aiming their trajectory at the cult DVD bin. So it takes a particular level of skill to mine new ground in the territory, particularly from a first time director. What makes Jordan Peele’s Get Out so engaging, frightening and hysterical is that he knows exactly when to play the material straight; which it turns out is most of the time. Full review ~ NO SPOILERS ~ This is an extremely impressive film from Peele. Its smart and knows it-- teasing you along the way of what is to unfold at the film's climax. The main character is a photographer goes to visit his GF's house and all-white family. Things are not as they appear at first glance, and as the film progresses it becomes even more disturbingly obvious that the family is hiding a secret. As time goes on, cracks begin to form in the sticky sweet facade of pleasantness surrounding the home. Beyond this I can't spoil it, but the third act of this film is very satisfying. I don't think there was any part of this film that overstayed its welcome or felt weak. The acting performances overall are superb, the cinematography is excellent, and the lighting is also well done. Please go see this movie if you are into horror/comedy, its worth supporting. **Opening Remarks** I went out to see this film armed only with the snippets I watched in the form of television commercials and YouTube ads. The film had a very interesting look and that really caught my attention. I noticed that the film focused primarily on race, which seemed like an interesting concept for a horror/psychological thriller. I also saw that Jordan Peele (of "Key and Peele" fame) was the director of the film and I was thrown completely off about what type of movie I was going to get. **First Impressions** To start off, this film is gorgeous and this presents itself fairly early into the film. Gorgeous quality, gorgeous scenery, gorgeous people. Added with the minimal soundtrack, the film seems very open. Many horror movies try to go for a claustrophobic approach, while "Get Out" uses its spacious atmosphere to bring out the unnerving fear of the unknown. **Going Smoothly** Other than a few moments of "How exactly is this scientifically possible?," you do not have to suspend your belief too often throughout the film. "Get Out" has an easy to follow, coherent story line that is aided by its pacing. Honestly, this is some of the best pacing have seen a modern horror film in a long time. Every sequence in this film seems to take the same amount of time and keeps the film moving along at a brisk pace. Every scene is refreshing and contains a new bit of information, instead of lingering on unimportant details. Every sequence is shot with purpose. **Getting to Know the Cast** The acting in this movie is very well done. The interactions between characters seemed genuine and characters reacted to situations in appropriate manners. This isn't your average horror movie where the characters make stupid decisions to continue the plot; it all seems very organic. The characters act in a manner that you really connect with and do things that you could see yourself doing in these situations. **Further Considerations** As I mentioned earlier, the film was directed by Jordan Peele, who has almost exclusively worked in comedy. As a fan of "Key and Peele" skits and their major film, "Keanu," I thought I had this film figured out before going to see it. With its subject matter about race, I figured this movie would be more of a joke than it was a straight-up horror film. And while the film is a very witty satire on race relations in America and features some very humorous dialogue and situations, the film drives the horrors of racism to the furthest point. The humor stems mostly from the absurdity of the films premise. **That Ending** I do not have any major complaints about the movie. It didn't drag on, it mimicked reality, and gave me some very uneasy feelings, which is a plus for a horror film. The only problem I have with the film is the ending. It wraps itself up way too quickly and throws everything at you all at once. Luckily, the ending does resolve itself and doesn't leave any glaring loose ends. The film does end a bit too abruptly for my taste and it would have been nice to see what happens afterwards. **Closing** I would recommend this film to anybody looking for a different horror experience. It is tasteful and tame compared to other films, but it certainly doesn't distract from its purpose. Perhaps it was the months of hype-related-preamble I had before getting the chance to see _Get Out_ that caused me to be not entirely blown away by it, or maybe it just doesn't resonate with me the same way it did with its audience at large. Either way, I was still very impressed with Jordan Peele's directorial debut. It's a great combination of freaky and funny, as well as realist and absurdist. Not to mention, how wholly original it is. There are some pretty deep lapses in logic that had me scratching my head, but overall, it's a more than solid piece and I am very keen to see where Peele is headed next. _Final rating:★★★½ - I strongly recommend you make the time._ **Now you're in the sunken place!** Not all the directional debut sees this kind of welcome from the audience. Yeah, Jordan Peele had written and directed it. It is similar to the 90s style mystery-thrillers. Definitely must see for the 90s, 80s guys. It kind of looked like a black comedy, but I guess that's not they had preferred. Especially that teacup scenes and some of the close up shots, that freaks, yet very funny. Well, this is the story of an interracial romance. When Chris decides to meet his girlfriend's white family, living outskirt of her hometown, all goes as planned. But he was not sure how her parents take it, that he's a black. Now everything has settled, but his visit started to take a strange turn after a series of weird events. What it is and how he overcomes it is the remaining tale. The casting was amazing. The story was suspenseful. You would feel you can predict the scenes, but not that easy and when twist happens, you will realise it was simple as that. This is a hit film now, but if it was 20 years ago, surely would have gotten a cult classic status. And yes it is, thinking the future. When this got out and its pre release, I thought it would disappear without any trace. It is rare a recognition a film like this to get to having a second string cast, debutante director and being a low cost film. I got entertained thoroughly as it delivered as promised. But I think some people are overjoyed and praising it like crazy. That's true if you are not a film fanatic, otherwise it is one of those decent films. Surely not to be missed. One of the best of this year. _7/10_ The hypnotism aspect changed the tone of the film, even though something menacing was expected all along. The end shriveled into routine gore and gun violence. The racial implications may make some feel guilty. Good enough overall but also overrated. Ms. Williams may be more than another NBC 'talent', time will tell. 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