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i should start saving for retirement?

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i need to fill this registration form in order to vote in the EU elections here. but im certainly doing it. this is my chance to say something. i need to figure out which party to vote for, because with jeremy Corbyn being such a passionate leaver ive been thoroughy turned off by Labour... yet they are the one party that alone seems to be able to challenge Brexit party. watched this week: Bachelor sweden (season 1, jättebra) Shark Tank Amazing Race Botched Bachelor in Paradise Australia i did also watch a finnish film Valmentaja aaaand probably something else. we went to see Hellboy the previous sunday, easy entertainment. i would have maybe preferred something more interesting but the selection was what it was. i really like the local theatre though, Ritzy.  we should go more often to support them. we tend to go at hours when there is no one else, the theatres are empty. cool but it does make me worried whether the business is profitable. i went to see some art with Samantha last week ( Channa Horwitz ), and then on easter saturday she introduced me to a really cool brunch place ( OXBO ). it was like heaven with the buffet tables. i also recently visited this other cool brunch place, it was central london and also buffet style, but i dont remember the name. vegan. and super tasty. i didnt know every borough has a mayor too. lol, small gaps in general knowledge? just saw news that Lambeth's new mayor is Ibrahim Dogus . sounds vey turkish?! quick google says he is a turkish kurd. restauranteur, beer brand Bira founder, atheist. im loving this guy already. nice to have turkish/kurdish representation in Lambeth. comedian Sofie Hagen has written a book and Guardian has interviewed her on it. she wants to reclaim the word as something neutral. i don't feel passionately either way, i felt like 'overweight' was the neutral word,  but i guess the over could give it a negative connotation? either way, im okay with it. not easy though, fat is used distinctvely as a negative adjective...  and humans want some negative word to use... if somehow fat was reclaimed as neutral, there would have to be another one. maybe im too pessimistic or part of the problem in this thinking, but i unfortunately dont think calling people names or using derogative words to describe their size is going to disappear. but i like Sofie's attitude. i recall Roxana Gay probably also using the word 'fat', maybe both with neutral and negative connotations. good stuff: -finnish chewing gums -sunny easter weekend (25c!) bad stuff: -early mornings -arranging groceries and food can get challenging

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