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My list of Top 10 environment -related facts

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This is my list of environment-related facts, which, in my opinion, every environmentalist should know: Most polluted country in the  world:  The most polluted country in the world is also the most populated one, China .Of the top ten most polluted cities on Earth, seven are in China, including Taiyuan, Beijing, and Urumqi. Reference :  Pollution Index, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Pollution _in_ China Greenest country in the world: The greenest country in the world is Sweden, one of the first countries to place a heavy tax on fossil fuels, in 1991. It 's also interesting to know that  about seventy-five percent of Swedes  recycle their garbage , and that Sweden actually imports garbage from other countries to burn as renewable energy. Reference : Wikipedia, theridgefieldpress.com Most poisonous greenhouse gas: Most of us would think it was CO2, but according to scientists and researchers at the University of Toronto, a new chemical , perfluorotributylamine , or PFTBA , has the equivalent climatic impact of   about 7,100 carbon-dioxide molecules. It is used in electrical equipment , and has an extremely long lifespan in the atmosphere ( over 100 years). Reference :america.aljazeera.com Most eco-friendly creature There are several contenders in this category, but in my opinion, the greenest animal is the earthworm. This tube shaped creature burrows through the soil, turning it and enriching it (its excreta is a very good fertilizer).Some say that earthworms are a gardener's best friends! Other green animals inclue honey bees,which help plants in pollination, especially flowering shrubs. Tree which absorbs the most carbon dioxide: Again, there is no ranking for this but a few trees which are especially efficient at absorbing CO2 are: -Yellow Poplar -Silver Maple -Oak -Horse Chestnut -Pines Reference: eartheasy.com Country with most deforestation: Indonesia is the country with the highest deforestation rate, at least  two times the rate of Brazil .From  a forest cover of 170 million hectares in 1900 , in a 100 years this figure has been reduced to less than 100 million hectares . Wow.... Burning these forests to clear the land for cultivation has contributed to Indonesia being ranked  third  in the world for emitting the most greenhouse gases. Reference: zeenews , Wikipedia  Dirtiest city in the world: If you read the first fact, then perhaps you wouldn't be surprised to find out that the dirtiest city in the world is Linfen  , China . Located in the heart of the Shanki province , this city has numerous factories, owing to the filthy ,polluted  air here. It supplies coal to the rest of the country,providing about two-thirds of China's energy. Reference: topdocumentarryfilms.com ,http://www.worstpolluted.org/projects_reports/display/22 Cleanest city in the world: Here's an interesting question. Would you expect the cleanest city in the world to also be the country's main oil and gas industry? Ironically, you could, as the cleanest city ,Calgary, Alberta, in Canada, proves. With  around seventy-five percent of the total energy used in the city being renewable, and heavy fines for littering ,Calgary serves as an example in cleanliness (and " eco-friendliness"!) for the rest of the world. Reference : huffingtonpost , mbctimes.com Most polluted water body in the world: Several rivers and lakes are seriously contaminated and have toxic chemicals in their waters, but in my opinion ,The Citarum river, Indonesia, takes the prize. It is the largest river in West Java, and is severely polluted, mainly by human activity. The textile factories  and other industries located on its banks also  contribute to toxic waste contamination.In some places the garbage covers the water surface, so the you can hardly see the actual river . Reference: indefinitereality.wordpress.com, Wikipedia So,that brings us to the end of this post. If you like this post,please comment below. P.S -Happy Earth Day! NEXT WEEK-THE HISTORY OF EARTH DAY 

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