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Strandhugg (The Nitrate Picture Show)

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Strandhugg. Image: Filmarkivet.se. Rantautua / [Hitting the Shore]. Arne Sucksdorff, Sweden 1950 Print source: Svenska Filminstitutet (Swedish Film Institute), Stockholm Running time: 15 minutes The Nitrate Picture Show (NPS), George Eastman Museum, Dryden Theatre, Rochester, 3 May 2019. NPS: About the print: The print displays rich, deep contrast and very little scratches or damage. Shrinkage: 1.05% About the film: A seaside poem by the Swedish master of short form whose nitrate highlights of past years’ festivals include the unforgettable Symphony of a City and A Divided World. (NPS) AA: Strandhugg is one of the last of Arne Sucksdorff's cycle of 15 short films made before he directed his first feature-length masterpiece, The Great Adventure. As usual, this is a semi-documentary, and in this case there is a moving central performance of a young fisherwoman who experiences a bitter disappointment with a playboy on the beach. Each shot in this film is a work of art in itself, brilliantly photographed by Sucksdorff. I watched the film from the projection booth of the Dryden Theatre and was not able to fully appreciate the quality of the print which looked brilliant even from a distance. Because I had never seen Strandhugg before I revisited it online where it is legally available in a handsome digital transfer: Strandhugg at Filmarkivet.se

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