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Writing + Writing + Writing + ... = Rewriting?

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This election, we found a new national issue - Nathuram Godse! I am completely convinced that our 2050 depends on how well we analyze and misanalyze, represent and misrepresent, align and misalign with our history from 1947 (should it have been Nehru or Patel), 1948 (is Godse a terrorist or not), 1975 (did Indira abuse the emergency or not), 1984 (did Congress issue an apology or not). "Rewriting history" means to set new records, I think we as a country have got its definitions terribly wrong. When did we last hear about "Education" or "Healthcare" or "Employment" or "Poverty" this election season? People, Media and Politicians form a beautiful triangle in a democracy, with each of them beautifully putting the others to shame that you can never conclude who is worse!

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