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we returned from our little reunion holiday. met Cary, Hanna, Carina and their partners in Malaga. we rented a villa together and enjoyed a chill life in the sun. 30c on the warmest days. also did a day trip to Marbella and a dinner trip to Malaga. finally me and doctor took a train to Madrid for a 24+ hour mini city break. we met a finnish acquintance of mine, Anna, in the evening and had a good time there too. all in all an interesting holiday, fairly different from 'the usual'. the villa in the hills with a pool, a big group of friends, from the past no less! at the same time it was odd, like a blast from the past but also felt like no time had passed at all. except when i found myself feeling like i had changed a bit. everyone changes so perhaps everyones has these feelings. its not like ive become radically different, just some shifts in some areas. ive basically known these people my 30s... more less. its odd. the air was so dry in spain my skin and nose really suffered. i was super wrinkly all of a sudden. so now ive been working on fixing the situation. actually i wuickly got the skin to feeling soft and 'itsef'. then realised, the wrinkles Do exist. they just dont really show unless i make faces, like squint. the dryness in spain just brought them out so they were constantly visible. anyway, i dont mind the grooves  and lines so much, im just glad the skin feels better now. although, to contradict that, the frown lines between my brows are starting to get to me... its not just lines, its like the skin is starting to fold and i look permanently angry. i think i might go botox it soon if it keeps bugging me. the villa was a fancy place with a lovely pool and terrace area, with a view. madrid metro ticket system is noooot great. i remember dreading it since my last visit. and the airport was confusing. i sometimes wondered how Helsinki airport could be voted the best airport in the europe - not cos its bad but i just assumed its not that great . but over the years i realised...yes its is pretty good. marbella beach ive never done shopping for so many people. overexposed dinner marbella old town in Madrid Anna took us around and we saw a bit of nightlife and cool bars.we were dead tired so it was not a late night actually but really nice.   cool sock shop. they were all made in turkey lol. so cool we got on the Freddie Mercury on our flight back! this cognitive bias codex is cool. ive been listening to this true crime (at least i think it falls under that) podcast called Who the Hell is Hamish? by Greg Bearup/The Australian (spotify link) . fascinating and horrible, he is a really talented conman. Big Bang Theory has been of course going downhill for years but it was an easy 20 minutes to watch and i kept watching until the end. what a non-suprising bloody disappointment though to have penny get pregnant though. like seriously. americans... they just cant have a movie or a show with a woman who doesnt want children and wont have them, can they? cos thats an abhorrent thought. with Alabama and Georgia working hard to ban abortion, i almost feel like this was in the same vein - women having babies is the only acceptable option, the only reasonable storyline...  if Amy wasnt winning the Nobel, they wouldnt had her get pregnant too, i am sure of that. if they continued a season or two more, thats were Amy would head as well. i guess she was planning to (i dont remember the convo several episodes ago), so i guess thats fine, but im so bitterly disappointed that they changed Penny's character just like that. which they had also done with Bernadette. kind of saying "women change their minds at the flip of a coin". its so bitter because thats what childfree women hear all the time, anyway. a friend recommended this fiction book for me, considering that i dont generally like or read fiction. i got through 3 pages already, eh.  lets see if i get any further. i found Anthony Jeselnik on Netflix . i was kind of on/off about it, not sure i like the style of comedy where its just one short joe after another, but he has so many surprise moments and goes so far out there,...that i cant help but enjoy. so, mixed emotions but i did watch both of the specials and then some youtube, so... Arttu came to visit us again. really nice to have yet another close friend around. as much as i want to work on new relationships here in london, i want to hold on to the people i have in my life already, regardless of where they are in the world. last night we invited a few local friends over to our place so Arttu met them and visa versa. very nice evening although i always get stressed about the hosting stuff, food and snacks and such.

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