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UK Fusion Group Outline Essay

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Since its inception, UK Fusion has been setting the bar high. Excelling in every aspect of service from community involvement to volunteer prowess, from outdoor landscaping extraordinaire to the men’s homeless missions personal gourmet chef. From our home at the University of Kentucky to yours in the city of Lexington, UK Fusion is determined to make a difference in the community by generously serving others. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage each individual of our audience to lend a hand and become involved with the communities around you. Oftentimes people prefer to complain about what they see and do not like, but Mahatma Gandhi once quoted, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Let your analytical, self focused observations become genuine, selfless actions that ignite a passion deep inside you to not only make a difference in the world, but to BE the difference in the world. Throughout our project we hope to address the variety of ways people may benefit from this club. So whether you are a student or staff at the university interested in volunteering, an esteemed colleague of local business owners interested in finding help, a company willing to sponsor the day of service, or merely an outsider looking in, you play a significant role in what UK Fusion hopes to accomplish. Additionally, our group aims to inspire a glimpse of hope to our community to not discredit teenagers as a lost cause living with reckless abandon, but rather change the common misconception by demonstrating how teenagers can positively impact today’s societal views. However, UK Fusion did not organize or plan itself. It came to be through oodles of time dedicated towards reaching one goal, profound organizational skills, and acknowledgment of possible flaws or improvements. Considering our group’s recent interest in UK Fusion, why not fashion ourselves accordingly? Similar to how UK Fusion began; our group now prepares itself to delve into the unique organization that the University of Kentucky’s Center for Community Outreach has created. As we outline our team’s goals throughout this essay we devise a plan on how to implement ethos, logos, pathos, and acknowledge the challenges we anticipate throughout the project. (Whitney O’Bryan) Our group has been attending UK Fusion board meetings with the intent of learning as much about the community as possible in order to best understand how to appeal to our audience through ethos. At these meetings, a variety of events that are not directly organized by UK Fusion are discussed as possibilities to attend during the course of the year. Also, UK Fusion discusses what type of activities and events they can arrange for the upcoming K-Week 2015. All throughout the school year UK Fusion devotes their time and effort to serving in the community, whether it’s working with local businesses and organizations, maintaining relationships and building stronger bonds, etc. The extent of UK Fusion reaches much further than the hands and feet of those volunteering on its largest day of service in August; UK Fusion reaches out to those in need any time they are called upon or received word of someone in need, often helping out even when it is not asked. As an effect of these continual service projects throughout the year, and UK Fusion reaching out to new businesses and organizations, they create new working relationships for future events and advance the possibilities of service opportunities. In the course of the PSA, these relationships will be one of the major topics explored. Some items on the agenda at UK Fusion meetings are not necessarily service projects. As with any constantly evolving organization some issues are simply internal business matters, while some issues are events being organized for the K-Week in August of 2015. For this upcoming school year’s K-Week, it has been arranged for President Eli Capilouto to speak. Having President Capilouto attend your organization’s function or service project is quite an honor. With President Capilouto’s jam-packed schedule, extending an invitation to an event must be done months in advance. Due to his busy schedule and daily routine it is a rare occurrence to have the president of our university attend and is a testament to UK Fusion’s commitment to serve.  Although it is only one week out of the year, our group still intends to explore deeply the vast effects UK Fusion has through their historic day of service in K-Week. This program could not be possible without the organization and contributions made through the University’s Center for Community Outreach, which is run by staff members on campus. By keeping leadership in the hands of staff members, it helps to maintain a higher level of organization, trust, and confidence within the community that UK Fusion is devoted to the cause. Rather if UK fusion was lead solely by students the intent of the program may be a little skewed. Another aspect we would like to include in this PSA is how to engage the students of the university, as well as others around us. We would like to show them what they can do to get involved and how they can affect the community around them for the better. (Mike DePue) Our PSA will appeal to logos through the use of statistics and research regarding our topic.  We plan to discuss the number of participants Fusion usually has each year, how that number has changed over the years, as well as the number of participants compared to the number of students here at UK.  It will be important for our audience to see not only how many people are already helping, but also how many people are not yet involved.  When we first mention the number of participants, that figure may sound impressive.  However by understanding how many more people there are here on campus that could potentially help out, this comparison will hopefully help inspire our audience to get involved.   We also want to look at how many people in the Lexington community are affected by Fusion.  This also includes the number of sites that the Fusion teams work at each year, and the local businesses that Fusion gets involved with.  We want our audience to understand how big of an impact Fusion truly has on our community.  We are also hoping to do short interviews with people who are involved in Fusion (whether it be planning the event, being a site leader, being a participant, etc.), and possibly record some testimonies from those who have been impacted by the event.  This will appeal to our audience’s logos by making them more aware of all of the effort that goes into Fusion, and once this is established, they will better understand the importance of participating and be more inclined to participate because of this understanding. (Mariah Boyd) Fusion is sustained through its’ Pathos appeal.  Throughout our PSA people will feel it’s’ emotions through our works.  It is made up of groups of volunteers called to serve others, and people relate to that.  They can identify with the need to help others and want to improve the lives of those around them.  When people hear testimonies of others, they are inclined to listen, especially when someone is being critiqued.  Are they a good business, do they work well with others, do they benefit those around them?  When people speak about Fusion all they can say is yes to all of these.  That really resounds emotionally to people.   If they know you touched other people’s lives positively, then they want the same thing.  Then they will begin to spread the word, and maybe even try joining in.   The largest thing that connects Fusion with others emotionally and what it is centered around, is its creed. Its’ creed “For Unity and Service in Our Neighborhood” really says what they’re all about as an organization.  They want to unite the youth of Kentucky under a common goal, and help out their local community, fulfilling their obligations as a citizen.  Anytime people gather to fight a just battle, more will come to their aid, and spread the word even more.  Why?  Because they identify with it, they see someone doing something good for another, and they want to join in and help out too.  So Fusion will reach out and connect to many individuals through pathos.  People will connect emotionally with its’ message, and the more people who get involved and connect with Fusion, the more people will join, the more lives it will affect, and the community will be an all-around better place because of what Fusion is trying to do. (Jared Tucker)    We ran into multiple constraints and limitations already in the making of our PSA documentary. The biggest issue we are having is being unable to actually attend Fusion because the event is in August. Because of this we are unable to get pictures of the actual event, but we have attended a board meeting and visited some of the organizations that have been involved with Fusion in the past years. Another issue we are having is time constraints. All of the snow days have really been inconvenient for us when it comes to being able to get together and visit some of the places. Also we have run into a lot of scheduling issues, including matching up our schedules with each other’s in order to all have a free time to meet up.  Also the times that the Fusion team can meet are not convenient for all of us. They have office hours during our WRD class (from 9:30am until 10:45am) and the board meetings are on Mondays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm and most of us have classes or prior commitments at that time. Although these constraints have made this project more difficult than it should be, we have found some solutions to work around them. Because we are unable to actually go to the event, we are planning on getting pictures of the event off of Google and taking original pictures of the organizations and in board meetings. We are dealing with our time constraints by making sure to keep everyone updated in our group text and in class on workdays. Because we are having trouble with finding gaps in all of our schedules we are mostly breaking into smaller groups in order to attend board meetings and take pictures. Although we have run into so many constraints on this project we have thankfully been able to work around them. (Kaylee Conrad)

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