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15 minutes of fame for social media stars

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The power of social media is amazing. With an exceptional idea anyone could gather even millions of Youtube views in few days. Or what do you say about these Finnish digital natives? Smoukahontas (Sara Forsberg) published a Youtube video " What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners " and gathered 10 million views in two weeks. Two weeks later she was visiting Ellen Degeneres Show and she signed a several hundred thousand euros deal . Lare Lekman published his aerial sighseeing in Helsinki filmed with a quadcopter. Within few weeks almost 300 000 views for his " My Helsinki " video and I bet his aerial videoshooting services are fully booked for the next few months. If you want to meet the Finnish vloggers you should check Tubecon the biggest vloggers festival in Finland. Tubecon will be organized on August 16, 2014 in Helsinki. ## ## View and comment this article at http://finnhits.blogspot.com

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