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Treasure islands of Helsinki

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A new book called ( Aarresaaret ) Tresure islands of Helsinki by Jarmo Nieminen is out (in Finnish only). The book is about the incredible archipelago of Helsinki. If you can't visit any of the islands you could always browse online the photos by Nieminen. You can get a touch of Helsinki islands by catching a ferry to some of the islands. Try island hopping and dinner at some of these island restaurants: Särkänlinna (Restaurant in an old sea fortress)  Lonna (Every Friday there is a popular Poiju club. Even coast guard boat might be needed to help you out there.) NJK (Most popular crayfish restaurant in town)  Skiffer (Famous pizzas on Liuskaluoto island) More info: Island restaurants in Helsinki ## ## View and comment this article at http://finnhits.blogspot.com

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