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Warhammer 40,000: Let's paint special teams

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This is the last of my old Warhammer 40,000 model roundup; this time, the theme is smaller Imperial contingents like Assassins and Sisters of Battle. Officio Assassinorum To my surprise, I found an old Callidus Assassin model with my old 40k models, and painted her up. I embraced the gimp-suit look of the Assassins, and I think this is the best 28mm (ish) figure I've painted yet. I'm particularly pleased with the phase sword, but I'm afraid I can't remember which greens I used! The edges are Fluorescent Green, as is the glowy bit on the gun. I've been using red as a unifying color on my Imperial characters, so I went with that for the various straps and things. The pink hair was at the request of my partner, and a coat of gloss varnish on the bodysuit completed the BDSM look. We were going to do an entire detachment of assassins, but then the new rules came out in White Dwarf that let you hold back reinforcement points for a single assassin and pick the one you want, which makes a heck of a lot more sense! Still, I'd already got an Eversor Assassin , so why not paint them up as well? For a Vindicare Assassin, we went to Raging Heroes . I was surprised by how petite the Raging Heroes figures were! Somehow I thought they looked more stocky, I mean heroic, in the photos. Anyway here's our Execution Force: ** Adepta Sororitas I also found some old metal Sisters of Battle I'd bought ages ago, and picked up a couple more to round them out into a five-model squad. Their robes are Emerald, and the bolters are Gunmetal Grey and Black Glaze. I wanted my Canoness to have a storm bolter, so I converted my old Sister Superior to carry one. The power sword blade is Vallejo Andrea Blue, with the edge highlighted in Deep Sky Blue and washed with Fluorescent Blue. Since I'm something of a fan of John Blanche, the natural choice for a new Sister Superior was Canoness Veridyan . Now that the beta codex is out and the codex proper is on its way, I'll be giving some serious thought to building a bigger Sisters detachment. ** Finally, ever since I bought the Doom board game to use the demons in my Chaos army, I'd been wondering what to do with the four Doom Guys who also came with the game. I was originally thinking Inquisitorial Acolytes, but that seemed a bit too pedestrian for them. Finally it occurred to me to ask what Doom Guys are good at. Fighting demons, obviously. Therefore: Grey Knights With only four Doom Guys, I went to Brother Vinni for an appropriate Master Chief sergeant model to make up a Strike Team. The armor plates are Natural Steel, with the lower layer in Gunmetal Grey; the visor is Orange Red. The Doom guys got the same color scheme. Strike Team Cydonia also needed an HQ choice, and since Grey Knights wear steel-colored armor, I decided the time was right to try bringing Captain Phasma to 28mm scale. The model is a Blood Angels Terminator Captain , available for a bargain in the Start Collecting Blood Angels box, with a head from Statuesque Miniatures and some Grey Knights Terminators bits. The armor joints are Gunmetal Grey, the armor is Natural Steel with some Silver highlights, and the whole thing's been given a wash of watered-down Black Glaze. ** Last and unexpected: the Inquisition. Since the Inquisitors are what you really want from this mini-list, the most reasonable option seems to be a supreme command detachment, so that's where we'll start. I'll add some acolytes later! First, from Zealot Miniatures : Inquisitor Nadezhda Stalina. Second, from Warlord Games : Herr Flick of the Ordo Hereticus. I was painting Herr Flick at the same time as my Blood Bowl spectators, and was strongly tempted to use the Mouse Nun as Inquisitorial Acolyte Sister von Smallhausen instead. And finally, Inquisitor Keziah of the Ordo Malleus, built from a Grey Knights Terminator with a Statuesque head and a Kromlech Legionary Mace . ** So those are my old loyalist models; next time, something entirely different.

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