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This is for Jessie's danish friend(s) :) (click to see bigger pictures). Grazing with new friends, june 2013 Food is so awful in Finland (nowadays she's used to eat "porridge") First time in the finnish forest. "There's no way I'm going there!" ...so we had to change the rider. My husband is the "horse whisperer" in our family, he claims that's because he's ancestors were ukrainian cossacks. It's not that he's a good rider, but he never gets angry or nervous... Luckily he's small enough to ride bigger ponies. This picture was taken by Pete (my husband) when they were at the lake. Jessie loves to play with water! Me and Jessie taking a riding lesson My daughter Emma and Jessie taking part in a small kür competition with mascuerade A video of the same competition To be continued...

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