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Restaurant Azul in Kalymnos, Greece

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We like Greek food very much, but when one stays several weeks in Greece one starts to long for something completely different. Restaurant Azul is one such place on the island of Kalymnos. They serve great wines and very good food. The dreep fried pita slices are both crunchy and tasty. Pure addiction! Good cocktails are uncommon in Greece, but Azul is a delightful exception. Most people drink cheap house wines in Greece, which is rather sad, because the Greek have very, very good quality wines. This mavrodaphne at Azul was no exception. We even bought two bottles to take home. Friendly staff, very good food and excellent wines. Azul is highly recommendable. Azul is a small restaurant and a reservation is recommended – especially if you want to enjoy your dinner or drinks at the patio, facing the sea. You can view the sunset perfectly from Azul. We also note that Azul is a great place to constellations. Azul Wine Gallery Azul on Facebook Azul on Instagram Azul Wine Gallery Azul on Facebook Azul on Instagram

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