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sunday sabbath

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the past weeks have been a bit too busy, im finally back to having my sunday all to myself & doing nothing. enjoying a bit of reality tv and biking, tea and in the case of today, lebanese take out. wonderfully lazy. doctor left in the morning for his 4 day retreat/holiday. i think he decided the destination just last minute (by my standards). but thats why he needs a trip like this here and now, less planning and fuss by me, just time alone. our trip to italy in july is not super planned either actually. weve booked only the first hotel in milan. and the last one near naples cos its a holiday destination and high season...  everything in between is up in the air which is fine by me. we decided to not buy the flat, cancelled a week in. i guess there were several reasons but mainly we were unable to get certainty from the freeholder regarding knocking down the toilet/bathroom wall to combine them, and also we werent just "feeling it" quite like i think we should. like, obviously it was nice and thats why we made an offer but when we went to see it again and planned stuff in detail... we wouldve spent a fortune on renovating just because it was not in our style - not cos it was in poor condition. the picture railings, the original parquet and other period features... i wouldnt feel too guilty wiping it all out but we thought maybe its not worth it. also, i realise we cant get a much bigger property for the money, but measuring this place out the floor plan just wasnt optimal. i mean i liked it, but for the sqm's... we need even better floorplan.  the latest puzzle. not my favorite though, quite the opposite. too easy and poor quality too. The Vinegaryard near London Bridge. i met some finnish friends there the other day. nice & outdoorsy with food, drinks... much like Pop Brixton or Mercato Metropolitan.  ramen and other delicious stuff at Nanban.  showcasing my own skillset....  doctor was on night shifts this week and one evening when he was maybe a bit too tired to fend for himself i made a crab burger grilled sandwhich with whatever else was leftover for him. tadaa. i went to a testing workshop on friday.  arrived early to have my coffee and get comfortable. it was about browser DevTools which ive only utilised minimally so far and wanted to learn more. super useful, i was rally inspired. i think i should attend more testing related events and maybe go to a conference.  yesterday was a 33c day. finally a warm weekend day when doctor was also off work - i'd been waiting for something like this. we went out to picnic with Burcu & Can, and Anni joined us later too. perfection.  the parks got crowded with weather like that... i watched the film Aniara . scandi scifi drama. depressing. but thats refresshing, not everything can have a happy ending. doctor is going part time - 80% - starting august. weve spoken about it for a long while and he decided now is the time. we obviously need to cut expenses a bit here and there but it's doable, and i believe worth it. better enjoy free time while you are young enough to do so... since i work part time too it will also make things more equal obviously, so thats positive.

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