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Top Fastest Car In The World

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Hennessey Exorcist -- 1,000bhp, n/a miles Obviously, Texan horsepower fetishist John Hennessey couldn't let Dodge enjoy the spoils of war for extended without devoting his own unleaded-swilling riposte -- using a smart name to boot. The Exorcist isalso, as you can see, based on a Camaro ZL1 (or the more monitor focused 1LE, if you prefer), and, ahem, trumps the Dodge option by creating 1,000bhp. The best speed is so far unknown, but as the 0-60mph time is sub 3sec, we believe you'll agree it deserves a place among 2017's most unhinged performance cars. Ferrari 812 Superfast -- 789bhp, 211mph We live in a mad, mad world. Among the many pieces of evidence this is true is that the fact that Ferrari's series-production big-booted GT car is powered by a 789bhp V12 which 'll ship it beyond 62mph in 2.9 seconds and to a top speed of 211mph. If that is one of the last of the classic V12 supercars, until hybrids and turbos finally kill off them, then what a way to go. Dodge Demon -- 840bhp, 168mph The first road-certified factory automobile to be officially capable of wheelies (or even wheelstands, we assume ) is your Dodge Hellcat's even more wicked, quarter-mile-munching twin. It's a drag-race monster having an 840bhp supercharged V8 heart, and though that sub-170mph top rate is the lowest in this record, the Demon's capacity to launch from 0-60mph at a verifiable 2.3 moments is as impressive as it's barmy. A worthy addition to the annals of muscle car legend. Mercedes-AMG Project One -- 1,000bhp , 217mph No-one out AMG has driven the Mercedes F1 car for the road known so far just as Project One, but its own stats are suitably barmy to create the cut in this list. Revealed in time to get the 2017 Frankfurt motor show, the ultimate AMG guarantees to launch in 0-124mph in under six seconds, meaning that thanks to its AWD hybrid grip, it'll get off the line as fast as a real F1 car. While, hopefully, making a much neater noise...

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