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The Darklight:


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I carry all your secrets under my skin and seal everything with this my last kiss. The air around me still feels like a cage and I feel I cannot breathe my heart beat so fast that echoed in my hears it was just yesterday I told you my farwell. Now I feel empty and confuse but I cannot cry, and I don't know why. Maybe because although was a closure it was yet again beautiful like the first time when everything started. How a farewell can feel beautyful? Maybe because it wasn't a farewell after all. I love you enough to let you go but you cannot actually walk away from someone if your soul had decided to stay so I run away before you know wearing my smile as better as I could while deep inside I was at war with my feelings. I let you at your fate and break myself on the way you gave me up to play safe leaving me on my own hanging on a hope. Angels lie to keep control but I am not an angel after all and if you still care don't ever let me know. © Diana Mistera 2019

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