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another home candidate

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we've found another flat that we felt good about. like, good enough to make an offer cos it felt like we could make it a home. so thats what happened, our 3rd (lol) offer was accepted - still a good deal i think - and now we've started the tedious process with the surveyors and solicitors again. and this time we feel better about it, there are no walls that need knocking down. or maybe some small stuff but nothing we cant manage. the kitchen and bathroom are small but we can work around it. its got high ceilings and feels cozy so thats what counts. there is a god damn fireplace...of course, it cant be perfect can it? will have to cover it. i mean, there are small fixes needed but nothing major. windows need double glazing though, maybe that counts as major? the ad   and the hellish path of bureucracy has started. the solicitor has an online portal where to send and receive files. the blue part says 6-8 weeks. welcome to UK...   im trying not get all too attached to the flat, the seller could pull out at any moment still if they wanted. but its hard not to google refrigerators and sofas and sofa tables and measure the bedroom to see where my chest of drawers would fit... Guardian: NHS is not treating foreign non-white doctors well  #firstworldprobs so our building got a recycling bin like a year ago since then we've had a separate bin for recyclables such as bottles and cans and cardboard. but when the bin fills up the question is...how do we take them to the bin, as a plastic bag is not allowed of course? its been a constant problem. i think we should just collect paper bags and use those, from what i could gather on the council website today those should be okay ...  so instead of collecting the cans and things in a bin maybe just put them in a paper bag with handles, it will  be easy to carry. although smaller. we drink a lot of sugar free soda so those bottles are what fill the bin tbh. 

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