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Something small

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In February I wasn't sure of anything. In March I resing. If I am not sure anything else, I am sure it was a good decision. Not bored yet, but who could in summer? In the end of June I had a chance to visit Lomamäen lemmikkipuisto Beautiful mini zoo with different kind of animals  - which you was allowed to touch and feed, too. Surroundings was beautiful and staff was so friendly. For me it seemed, that all the animals had very nice habitat,  a lot of space and varied terraine. Some of them walked free.  Like this huge turkey. Came so close I had to remind him (her?), that there is still Thanksgiving coming. I guess it didn't understand, but walked father, though.  As far as I understood, most of these animals are saved. Like these parrots,  who were very precise, when one of the staff member cleaned seeds from ground.  This was the most cutest hedgehodge I have ever seen.... And no, I didn't enjoy the smell of these -even though I was amused of the sign. This mini zoo is worth of visiting. Specially with kids. On the way home we stopped by the Vantaankoski rapids. No words needed.

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